A bone of contentment!

What’s a ‘girl’ to do when she is presented with two badger skulls and a length of Roe Deer shinbone all ‘artistically’ displayed together in a bespoke fur-lined box?

Something about Dartmoor

Well, I decided that the badger twins should remain together, just as they had arrived, via an ‘anonymous’ donor through my friendly Exmoor rag ‘n bone man!

However, for propriety’s sake – the entire shinbone was removed forthwith – and some thought was required as to its potential usage!  After all, it was just a piece of nature’s detritus – and something that had it not been received as a gift – would probably have gone in the bin –  as leftovers would from a Sunday roast!  

I’m very much into up-cycling possibilities though and you’d be surprised to learn just how a simple shinbone, albeit one with provenance – can get the creative juices flowing! 

Under my direction – ‘Rag n’ Bone Man’ who is very talented with his hands and who has a well-equipped tool box at his finger tips – removed the rough end of the shinbone with his sharp saw. Then he drilled a hole through it so that a string could be threaded through for hanging. Now that the shinbone has received its make-over – a number of usages have become apparent; it truly is a multipurpose ‘power’ tool. 

A bone of contentment!

Because of its density and weight – and knuckle shape – it naturally lends itself to being a very effective door knocker – or a fisherman’s priest – or even an auctioneer’s gavel – but most revolutionary of all – it makes a fantastic shoulder and back massager – or elsewhere if desired – ahem ahem!

‘The Shamanic Massager’ as I have patented it, comes into its own after a tiring day – it just magically knows exactly where to ‘hit the spot’ –  relaxing all those knotted muscles…

In fact, I think there could be demand for my ‘Shamanic Massager/Multipurpose ‘Power’ Tool’ – so if there are any venison farmers out there – please contact me – we may be able to strike a deal on spare parts! 

A bone of contentment!

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