Sweeter than Hawthorn blossom.

Dartmoor fox under the hawthorns

Just a stone’s throw away from our parking ‘bay’ on the road to Burrator, at the start of our walk around the reservoir and surrounding area – we came across a fox exposed in tooth and claw; it was a dead fox.   It lay undisturbed in the shade of the Hawthorn grove, befittingly veiled in a tracery of delicate mourning lace of Mother Nature’s own weaving. The fox had probably been hit by a car before daybreak.

Dartmoor Fox Dartmoor In tooth and claw.Beautiful Dartmoor in tooth and clawWhile the fox lay ‘sleeping’ – other Dartmoor creatures (including us) were going about their day – and what a beautiful day on Dartmoor it was to drink in views and breathe clean air.  Whether human, bird or beast, life is sweet – and never more acutely than when everything is so vivid…

Sheepstor Church

Dartmoor crow.



Dartmoor Pony. Something About Dartmoor.

Dartmoor Pony. Something About Dartmoor.Burrator Reservoir - Canada Geese

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Two months on since our last visit to this exact spot and nothing seemingly had been disturbed; the fox still lay ‘sleeping’ – only skin, bones and matted fur remained and a sprinkle of Hawthorn blossom to mark the passage of time.

Fox under the Hawthorn. Something about Dartmoor.

Dartmoor Fox.

Dartmoor Fox. Something about Dartmoor.

Hawthorn Blossom. Something About Dartmoor.

In memory of a beautiful Dartmoor fox.

3 thoughts on “Sweeter than Hawthorn blossom.

  1. …This was so beautiful thank you so much for posting this.
    #R.I.P Dartmoon fox.
    So…I myself love foxes and wolves…mostly foxes and seeing someone find a dead fox and leave it peacefully and not disturb its resting place is really kind most people would touch it or go really close to it and take a selfie….thank you so much for not doing that! :)

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