It’s been a bloody lovely day! (And it’s not over either…)

Today, Sunday 27th September has been a leisurely day – a gentle walk with Tom and my sister – Caitlin, and her two whippets – Mimi and Luna.

Mimi and Luna

Mimi and Luna

We ambled around Great Torrington Commons for a good couple of hours – lots of secret paths and open enclosures – and a vivid green pond – and memorial benches aplenty to sit awhile and bask in the glorious sunshine.  Followed by a customary Hocking’s ice-cream on the Old Bowling Green – by the now apocalyptic town of Trumpton; a few charred stumps are all that remain!

Trumpton Bonfire - Torrington Commons

Later – I aim to go for a night-walk in solitude to see the blood moon lunar eclipse – so today’s walk was a gentle stroll in red-iness for an active night out!  Meanwhile here are my autumnal snapshots from earlier – including a spider weaving and a mulberry ripening – both in our garden today – and Old Father Time on his weather-vane casting a magical shadow of his own on our red house…

If we are all doomed following tonight’s supermoon lunar eclipse – it sure has been a bloody lovely day to end on – and it’s not over either…because there is ‘Cider with Rosie’ on Auntie Beeb tonight – luckily scheduled before the eclipse!


Torrington Commons

Toorrington Commons

ST835754Torrington Commons pond

Fly agaric toadstool - Torrington CommonsWood Pidgeon's feather - Torrington CommonsSomething About DartmoorSomething about Dartmoor

Something About Dartmoor

Torrington Commons - over the cemetery wall.

Torrington Commons – over the cemetery wall.

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

An unforgettable night – 28th. September 2015.  I attempted to snap a couple of pictures of the lunar eclipse – but alas only a small fuzzy smudge with a faint ruddy glow lost in the blackness ‘developed’.  My faithful old digital camera is basic by today’s standard – and although it takes a decent daytime image – at night-time it’s best left inside my pocket.  No matter – I have enjoyed seeing all the wonderful photographs of the lunar eclipse – and super blood moon through the media; absolutely brilliant images.

I shall never forget my experience of being alone with just an owl hooting, a fox barking beneath a darkening Moon; definitely blood-stirring stuff.

Imagine how thrilled I was to go into work yesterday (rather tired!) – and find a stranger had donated a glass fishing float (I work in a recycling centre).  It was a bit dusty – but once removed from its string-net and held to the light it magically revealed its true colour; a beautiful blood-red glass orb complete with swirls.  Of course I paid for it – and duly brought it home; a serendipitous souvenir from the cosmos!

Thank you!

Kindness of strangers.  Thank you!

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