Brothers Newt, Frog, Bee and Jackdaw…

Often when I’m out walking, my path crosses with other wanderers; not people but creatures in peril – that need a helping hand. I follow the example of Saint Francis; if he came across ‘Brother Worm’ on the path – he would gently lift it to one side – to safety.  As well as worms – and a grasshopper recently – I have rescued countless newts across the road; it must have been a bumper year for them…

A 'handful' of wriggling newts returned to safer ground...29th. September 2015

A ‘handful’ of wriggling newts returning to safer ground…29th. September 2015

Something about Dartmoor - Newt

A tiny newt with a ‘very wide’ road to cross.  29th. September 2015

Too late for Toad...

Alas too late for poor Toad ‘stopped’ in his tracks…12th. Sepetember 2015

but not for Jeremy fisher!

but not for Jeremy Fisher…2nd. October 2015

Released into the meadow from inside my reflective vest.

Released into the meadow from inside my reflective vest.

Something about Dartmoor - Honey Bee

And even a cold little Honey Bee on the pavement at Tintern yesterday…3rd. October 2015.

 * * * * * * * * * * *

Something about Dartmoor - Jackdaw

My most challenging rescue mission – a jackdaw that was dangling from scaffold, caught-up in string – the more it flapped and struggled the tighter the string became.  Hooded by my scarf – it lay perfectly still while I cut the tight string away…

Jackdaw - Something about Dartmoor

Now free again – once I ‘could’ let go!  I’d love a Corvid!


2 thoughts on “Brothers Newt, Frog, Bee and Jackdaw…

  1. The eyes have it ,u and the jackdaw are kindred spirits! Carry on with the lifesaving missions and happy blogging ,I enjoy reading them .Happy Birthday by the way xxxxx

    • Best compliment ever to be compared to a corvid – sometimes the best birthday gifts are the ones that cost nothing! Thank you so much Caitlin – you’ve made my day!

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