Tintern Abbey.

Directions to a heavenly place…

Royal Crescent - Bath

Go round a crescent…

Through the Almonds of Almondsbury Interchange...

through a star…

A for Almond, Archie, Abbey...

over a bridge…

arrive at Tintern Abbey - in Wales.

arrive at Tintern Abbey – in Wales.

Since Archie moved to Bath over four years ago to start university – I have enjoyed getting to know his locality.  As the dove flies, Tintern is not far from Bath, even though it is abroad in Wales – and a long way up from Dartmoor!  Along with Glastonbury – Tintern has become a firm favourite of ours.  

At home – I have a beautiful water-colour painting of Tintern Abbey by ‘forgotten’ Birmingham artist, Walter James West

I imagine him sitting on the other side of the expansive River Wye, quietly painting the view that now hangs on my parlour wall. His evocative painting dates to the early 1900’s and he has brilliantly captured the tranquil atmosphere of this timeless, magical and holy place – set in the magnificent Monmouthshire Wye Valley.

I simply look up at Walter James West’s dreamy water-colour – and I’m transported to Tintern Abbey without passing through the hurly-burly and confusion of modern-day – in particular the hellish Almondsbury Interchange! Tintern Abbey itself, remains largely unchanged from his century-old vision. 

Tintern Abbey by Walter James West

Largely unchanged.

Largely unchanged.

and a small gallery of modern-day images from my library…

Teazles at Tintern.

Teazles at Tintern.

Teazles at Tintern.

Autumn’s decay.  Blackberries gone-over at Tintern.

Brother Bee.

Brother Bee.

Monumental architecture...

Monumental windows…

Tintern Abbey walls.

inspiring walls…

Vesica Piscis.

and symbolic portals; Vesica Piscis at Tintern.

Spiral stairwell - Tintern Abbey.

And even a spiral stairwell; refuge for a white dove of peace.

Homeward bound.  Two earthly souvenirs picked up from Tintern’s hallowed ground.

Tintern Abbey.

Tintern Abbey ‘today’.

White Dove flies up towards The Light. Tintern Abbey

White Dove flies up towards The Light. Tintern Abbey




2 thoughts on “Tintern Abbey.

  1. A very special place to visit I must go, love your photos especially the Abbey among the teazils I feel another linocut design developing.

    • You must Sis. I was very pleased with the teasel shot – ooh bagsy a linocut! So pleased that you’re pleased with owl in his new frame – LOVE IT! Thank you so much. X

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