‘The last blooms of Summer’

The last blooms of Summer.After a grey, drizzly start to the last day of British summer time – the sun finally came out to play – highlighting a spider-web inside my kitchen window.  Whilst making a cup of afternoon tea – my gaze passed through the pretty web to where I noticed the light had caught two late blooms on the Alberic Barbier – a mature rambling rose in the garden.

The last blooms of Summer.

The last blooms of Summer.

Raggedy, drooping and faded at the edges – the couple of still lovely autumn roses brought to mind a grisaille painting on canvas that adorns my parlour wall – called ‘The last blooms of Summer’ by multi-talented artist/maker Lynn – at http://sea-angels.blogspot.co.uk/  It is a beautiful painting of an ‘imperfect’ circle of roses…

The last blooms of Summer

In sunlight – a sprinkle of rainbows can often be seen dancing prettily across its monochrome surface.  Whilst through the hours of darkness – ‘The last blooms of Summer’ emanate a pearl-like luminescence into my room. 

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