A Raven’s haven.

Fogbound Dartmoor; another world...

World within a world.

A wander through ‘Raven Wood’ on a fogbound Tuesday – 8th March 2016. 

When I left home for Tavistock – it had been a cold, bright March morning but by the time I’d reached Mary Tavy, roughly three-quarters of an hour away – Dartmoor was fogbound – it was as if the Moor had been smothered in a vast grey prison blanket. Despite its heaviness and harshness, I found a clear pocket, where I lost my head in the clouds only, with a wander through my favourite Dartmoor wood for an indeterminable time…

After a temptatious visit to the antiques market in Tavistock where I bought something rather raven-ish (later) – I arrived at ‘my’ parking spot near ‘Raven Wood’.  Overhead – a lone raven was sitting on the line – as I got out of the car it disappeared into the greyness – no doubt still keeping a watchful eye on me as I headed-off down the slippery bank towards the trees…

Something about Dartmoor - Raven

Apart from droplets dripping off branches, nothing stirred within the wood – their treetop nest seemed unattended and no black feathers to be found anywhere, just a tree stump that resembled Corvus corax…

Raven Wood

‘Raven Wood’

Something about Dartmoor

Something about Dartmoor

Silent witnesses to my audible delight…

About here, under this spreading Beech tree – I found a gem of a skull, completely intact and cleaned by nature – an exquisite little thing. I wrapped it up carefully and put it in my pocket for safe keeping…

Something About Dartmoor

A squirrel’s skull – a new one for my collection.

Something about Dartmoor

Identification made easy. A wonderful vintage book called – ‘Our Country’s Animals’ by W.J. Gordon

Something about Dartmoor

something about Dartmoor

Something about Dartmoor

The Ravens patrolled the sky…

Something about Dartmoor - Raven

I can be certain they’re never faraway even when it seems they are not in.

Something About Dartmoor - Emily Bronte - Lafosse

Picture-perfect for a fogbound day.  Raven-haired beauty that I bought in Tavistock market. To me – she’s ‘Emily’ after Emily Bronte – she looks like she has just come-in off the fogbound Moor – I love the woven blanket around her shoulders. Emily’s sister Charlotte described her as “a solitude loving raven” – I get that.

Something about Dartmoor


2 thoughts on “A Raven’s haven.

  1. A evocative post that draws me into the woods, to look up and around to rustle and almost hear the sap beginning to move an energy an awakening xxx
    You picture is just perfect she has come home xx
    Hugs Lynn x

    • Thank you Lynn. I think ‘Emily’ looks quite at home here – surrounded by some other beautiful art. X

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