Away with the faeries!

Faery Hawthorn Grove - Something about DartmoorThese days I seem to gravitate to the same area of Dartmoor – ‘in’ and around Burrator Reservoir.  After many wanderings over Dartmoor’s varied terrain – this area has a magnetism that I can’t resist.  I love the woods and water – and driving over the open moorland road to get there…

I always take sandwiches and a thermos of tea – and I can willingly lose myself for hours – lost in the detail – that perhaps some may overlook.  My walks are usually at a slower pace too – not route marches to the wilder parts of the Moor – been there done that – although I do hear Fur Tor calling me back – rather time to stand and stare – and perceive the magic and elemental beings that reveal themselves.  I always start at a customary place too – passing through a grove of Hawthorns; in tree lore – Hawthorns are sacred to the Little Folk.  On entering through their doorway – I’m immediately enthralled – or as some may say – away with the faeries – or piskie-led as they say locally!  

Arthur Rackham-ish trees, a Miss Havisham-esque bluebell – a besom broom plantation and a Marshwiggle’s house.  And greenness – and water – and that most magic of ingredients – light! All were taken within a short radius of the reservoir – 15th May 2016.  An enchanted afternoon spent. 

Dryad Beech Tree - Something about Dartmoor


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Ending on a sad note – I came across a lifeless Song Thrush – lying in a mucky puddle at the side of the reservoir road.  Many cars pass that way especially on a Sunday when the weather is fine – and unfortunately she was a casualty of a busy day.  Not only her though, but her hungry babies waiting to be fed at home in the nest; she never returned. ST838713

Mourning song.  Mother Song Thrush laid to rest on a mossy stump - 15th May 2016.

Mourning song.  Mother Song Thrush laid to rest on a mossy stump – 15th May 2016.

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