Making a stink about something!

A post featuring a fascinating fungi – Phallus impudicus or Common Stinkhorn. Stinkhorn -Phallus impudicus - Something about DartmoorDespite being reputedly common – I have never had the pleasure of coming across one before – I think I would have remembered such an eye-catching specimen!  I found this one growing all on its own in ‘Shedland’ – and despite its diminutive size – its luminosity and erectness stood out in the greenness.Stinkhorn - Phallus impudicus - Something about DartmoorAlthough Phallus impudicus is supposed to stink of putrefying flesh – this one was thankfully impotent – so no need for a tissue. Stinkhorn - Something about DartmoorIt had been raining earlier – and the whole wood smelled like only an English woodland can after rain – how I wish I could bottle that smell.  

My only other encounter that evening was with another brown speckled cushion of loveliness – not a fawn but a gorgeous toad.Toad - Something about DartmoorToad Something abut Dartmoor

A couple of days later – I revisited the Stinkhorn to see if its cap had turned green, slimy and smelly – only to find it lying flaccid on the woodland floor.   A large black slug had gorged upon its shaft and was in the act of departing from the scene – oh dear poor Stinkhorn! Stinkhorn Something about Dartmoor

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