Wild things.

Just some of the wonderful wild things I’ve been lucky enough to see on my walks since the start of July and we’re only three days in!  A delicate ‘Light Emerald’ with a tattered wing –Light Emerald - Something about Dartmoorand a ‘Peppered Moth’ – Peppered Moth - Something about Dartmoorboth in Ravens’ Haven, Dartmoor. 

A pair of Red Deer grazing near home – Red Deer - Something about DartmoorFrom a distance – one of the pair looked to be sporting a killer pair of new antlers – I believe it is known as a Pricket – a male deer in its second year before its antlers branch.  The rutting season will soon be here – how fast this year has flown – it only seems like yesterday since I found my sheds.  Something about Dartmoor - Red Deer PricketIn ‘Shedland’ I found another impressive ‘Stinkhorn’ – slightly greener around the gills and noticeably more whiffy than my first! Stinkhorn - Something about Dartmoor

And a female Roe Deer –Female Roe Deer - Something about DartmoorPerhaps her fawn was hiding in the long grass because she didn’t move from this spot even though she was aware of my presence – I think she was standing watch over a brown speckled cushion of loveliness!  I let them be and moved on. 

Best find of all though – a Dartmoor Raven’s primary wing feather measuring 38cms long.  I have a collection of seven already but this one supersedes all the others by about 2cms.   Wow! A record breaker! 

Raven's feather - Someting about Dartmoor

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