As mad as a box of frogs!

Is that a frog your holding - or are you just pleased to see me?!!!

Is that a frog you’re holding – or are you just pleased to see me?!!!

‘As mad as a box of frogs’ is an expression that I have heard on several occasions (can’t think why!) but I have never actually seen such a boxful until today – 6th July 2016.  Working in a recycling centre we get brought in just about anything and everything although not usually livestock but today a regular customer brought in a box of frogs for us to see. He had rescued them from out the way of a strimmer and was in the act of re-homing them to his pond.  They were quite the liveliest frogs that I have seen – he couldn’t even lift the lid without them jumping out.  He carefully lifted one out so that we could take a closer look – an ideal opportunity for a photo session! Apart from them being the liveliest frogs ever they were remarkable because of their colour and markings; they were ruby and gold and absolutely gorgeous. 

Ruby and gold coloured frog.

A ruby and gold Devon frog.


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