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Today – Sunday 10th July 2016 – my bright-eyed friend came-a-visiting…Squirrel - Something about Dartmoor‘Squirrel’ runs along the top of my neighbour’s fence to my garden to feed at my bird-table.  He is very partial to a slice of Hovis ‘Seed Sensations’ wholemeal loaf – so I buy a loaf daily to keep up with demand and it isn’t the cheapest on offer!ST839799Many birds come too – and this seeded, wholemeal loaf is definitely all their favourite – and mine too.  When I just want a quick snack – I eat a slice or two just as it comes out the bag – no butter or spread required – just simple, sustaining bread. 

Squirrel has come for some while now and is relatively at ease in my presence.  Although remaining naturally watchful – I’m able to stand at my open door and speak to Squirrel – and click away with my camera without him running away back down the fence top – away beyond my neighbour’s garden to open countryside – and possible dangers.  

Watching him feed – I can’t bear to think of the fiendish traps and devices invented to kill squirrels – and I pray that he’ll keep safe until his next feed.

Squirrel - Something about Dartmoor

‘Home from home.’   Long may my bright-eyed friend find safe passage along the fence top to his favourite eating spot above our pine tree – 10th July 2016.

As long as I’m here living in this house – I shall welcome my bright-eyed friend and share my bread.  

As a slice of finest Hovis for ‘Squirrel’ – these daily interludes with wildlife are part of my fulfillment; neither I nor ‘Squirrel’ have gone hungry this day.

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