Mary’s Trail.

What's in a name?

What’s in a name?

In Sheepstor Churchyard, Dartmoor – there is a particular cut headstone that draws me.  Every now and then – when I’m in the area (which is often) I like to pay my respects to ‘Mary Light’.  I don’t know who she was – but her name speaketh to me.  It is such an ethereal name that reaches out through centuries that have passed since her interment in 1766. Hither and thither – I followed Mary’s trail on Sunday afternoon – 17th July 2016.  

So what’s in a name?  To me, an ethereal afternoon spent – following a meandering trail not found in any walker’s guidebook; Mary leadeth and I simply followeth. 

Hawthorn grove - Ravens' Haven - Dartmoor. Something about DartmoorPath of light - Something about DartmoorMary's Hand. Something about DartmoorSomething about Dartmoor. Mary Light.

Tawny Owl Feather in Ravens' Haven Dartmoor - Something about DartmoorGathered feathers. Something about DartmoorSomething about DartmoorHawthorn berries - Something about DartmoorHistorical Brookes plot - Sheepstor. Something about DartmoorSpider web detail. Something about DartmoorSheepstor Grave. Something about DatmoorMary Light - Something about DartmoorMary's hand. Something about Dartmoor.


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