In ancient time.

And did those feet in ancient time, Walk upon Englands mountains green...

And did those feet in ancient time,
Walk upon Englands mountains green…

Friday – 12th. August 2016 – and a visit to Glastonbury – to stock-up on incense from ‘Star Child’'Star Child' incense - Glastonbury. Something about Dartmoorand walk up my favourite Somerset tor – Glastonbury Tor.

Glastonbury Tor. Something about DartmoorGlastonbury Tor. Saint Michael's Tower. Something about Dartmoor

Returning to the car after our pilgrimage to the top – we discovered an unintentional hitch-hiker had hopped into the back-seat. There clinging to the interior upholstery was a beautiful, translucent ‘uranium green’ Somerset Cricket! Glastonbury grasshopper. Something about Dartmoor

At first sighting – I thought it was a grasshopper mainly because of its vivid colour.  However, I have since learned that the main difference between grasshoppers and crickets isn’t colour – but the length of their antennae; Grasshoppers have short ones whereas Crickets have long ones.  ‘Mr. McFeely’ is definitely a Somerset Cricket!

Not wanting to displace ‘Mr. McFeely’ by taking him home to Devon I decided to round him up!  I expected him to be a lively catch but instead he had a typical laid-back Glastonbury vibe going on and proved easy to coax onto the back of my hand – and once there he was happy to stay for the ride back to freedom…

Glastonbury grasshopper. Something about Dartmoor (3)  wandering ticklishly up and down my arm!

Mr. McFeely - a Glastonbury cricket. Something about DartmoorGlastonbury grasshopper. Something about Dartmoor (2)

I returned him to the patchwork of green fields around the Tor and we went our separate ways…

On the scenic route home – whilst stopping to steal a sprig of moorland Heather – I enjoyed another chance encounter. Secluded within a grove of Hawthorn and Heather – was a threesome of mealy-muzzled Exmoor Ponies…

Exmoor ponies. Something about DartmoorThis prehistoric breed of equine are elusive and wilder than their Dartmoor counterpart – so a lucky sprig of Heather indeed!Exmoor Heather. Something about Dartmoor

Exmoor Pony. Something about Dartmoor

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Speaking of lucky flowers – and finds…

Whilst in Glastonbury – I purchased a garland of flowers; a string of psychedelic Morning Glories as I like to think of them.   I rarely buy anything other than incense on my innumerable visits – but this time the garland caught my eye as it dangled outside the doorway of one of the many quirky shops – ‘Enchanted Florals’.  Immediately I was reminded of the floral-painted house on the way up to the ‘Top’…Floral house - Glastonbury Tor. Something about Dartmoor

At last! I've found what I was looking for! 'The 'Holy Grail' of souvenirs of my innumerable visits

At last!  I’ve found what I’ve been looking for; the ‘Holy Grail’ of souvenirs from Glastonbury.  A colourful keepsake of this most colourful – and Holy of places – a symbolic garland of ever-lasting felted Morning Glory flowers.


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