Flashes of Autumn’s Gold.

re-energised-oak-leaves-on-toriington-commons-something-about-dartmoorAt this time of year – as I pass into my birth month, October – I suddenly feel re-energised.  Roundabout now – there are certain places locally that I like to rediscover – and one of them is Great Torrington Commons.  The maze of paths are beautiful in the Autumn – especially passing through the ancient Oak woods – all the while crunching upon fallen acorns.  On a clear day – there are numerous benches to stop and soak up some vitamin D and enjoy glorious views.  

Yesterday 30th. September 2016 – I met up with my sister and my doggie nieces  ‘The Whippets’ for a walk on The Commons.

Whilst walking along on the top path under the golf course – I ‘stumbled’ upon a stone with a part impression of someone’s boot left on its surface. raven-stone-torrington-commons-something-about-dartmoorWith the excitement of a child – I exclaimed to my sister “Look a Raven stone – I’m going to see a Raven!”  I’d heard a Raven whilst we were inside the Oak wood – and now that we were out in the open again – I took this as a sign that a sighting was imminent!  Ravens’ tails are of course arrow-shaped at the end – so needless to say I didn’t see my spiritual bird!  Normally – I pick-up meaningful shaped stones for keeps – but this stone was nothing special other than in that transitory moment; before my eyes the impression dried up and disappeared from sight.

Just moments later – we spotted a flash of gold on the path; a smaller bird.bird-on-the-path-torrington-commons-something-about-dartmoor

On closer inspection – it was a Goldfinch – a perky youngster that showed no fear of humans – or whippets.  He was sporting a harvest of seed-heads around his chops – so he was clearly well-fed and uninjured – because he could fly perfectly.   It was quite one of the loveliest encounters – his tiny feathered form seemed to manifest all that is golden and fat about this magical time of year.goldfinch-torrington-commons-something-about-dartmoor

Moving on – we passed-by fascinating fungi including this edible Parasol Mushroom taking in the late rays – parasol-mushroom-great-torrington-commons-something-about-dartmoor

and we walked over carpets of golden apples – 


And when finally we reached our cars to go our separate ways – my sister presented me with four golden slices of apple cake that she’d baked that morning using apples from her own tree – a celebratory cake indeed!birthday-cake-a-celebration-of-autumns-harvest-something-about-dartmoor

Finally, an early gift to myself that arrived in Friday morning’s post.  A golden portrait of ‘Widow Chamly’ – her name concealed in the backboard – is a work of art in itself. chamlyI don’t know who she is or where she has come from – or how far back?  I just love the way her illuminated, bird-like face peeps out at me from the dark tunnel of time. widow-chamly-someting-about-dartmoor

2nd. October 2016. After returning from an inspirational afternoon walking to the top of Sheepstor – Dartmoor – I have just had a flash of ‘genius’ – I have deciphered the writing behind ‘Chamly’ it reads ‘Emily’.  

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Saturday – 1st. October 2016.

‘ Reaping a richer Harvest’

stafford-moor-cow-something-about-dartmoorEven on a rain-soaked, windswept Saturday afternoon – beauty and symbolism was in abundance –  gateway-reflection-something-about-dartmoorThe gate now closed and the harvest brought in – all bar one dropped ear of golden wheat – dropped-ear-of-wheat-something-about-dartmoordropped-ear-of-wheat-something-about-dartmoor-2I found it lying in the middle of the wet road while out walking – and now the gold is mine!rich-harvest-something-about-dartmoor

Crock of Gold.  Rainbow over Shedland.

Crock of Gold.  Rainbow over Shedland.

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