Every Seventh Wave.

every-seventh-wave-something-about-dartmoorWith my eldest son ‘home’ for a few days – we’d ‘planned’ an outing to Torcross in the South Hams district of Devon – via Exeter!  Younger son chose Torcross – while elder son chose an urban ramble around Exeter – while birthday ‘girl’ – me – had little say in deciding the matter.  I just went along for the ride – consigned to the backseat as ever – where I imparted my usual pearls of backseat guidance – and got slightly nauseous! 

We’d got our wires crossed a bit – thinking younger son had suggested Starcross rather than Torcross which is slightly closer to Exeter by a considerable number of miles!  And so our grand de-tour of South Devon got off to our usual, predictable – haphazard start! 

Sunday 9th. October 2016.   Our day didn’t get started properly until elder son arose – and graced us with his presence at about two o’clock in the afternoon.  Approximately 25 miles later – Exeter was an ‘unexpected’ Sunday treat beneath a clear blue sky.  As ever I found myself snapping pictures of contrasting lines either above me or below me – as the chain shops between were of lesser interest.  All snapped in – or just off the main thoroughfare. guildhall-shopping-centre-exeter-something-about-dartmoorlantern-exeter-something-about-dartmoorrapunzels-tower-near-the-cathedral-yard-exeter-something-about-dartmoorjohn-lewis-building-exeter-something-about-dartmoorqueen-victoria-atop-marks-spencer-building-exeter-something-about-dartmoorcobbles-cathedral-yard-exeter-something-about-dartmoorpaving-cathedral-yard-exeter-something-about-dartmoor

At the far end of Exeter High Street into Fore Street – there is a small church with beautiful angels inside called St. Olave’s. Outside on the pavement wall is a place I always stop at – to be still for the briefest of moments in a city that’s constantly moving.  I touch his feet and rejoin the throng.  He’s very special.

At the far end of Exeter High Street there is a small church with beautiful angels inside called St. Olaves. Outside in the wall there is a

Another place I often stop – without going in – is the open portal of ‘Jack Wills’.  Their skull-cap display on terracotta reminds me of my own ‘red room’.  jack-wills-exeter-something-about-dartmoor

I love how many of the High Street shops have taken the British wildlife theme as inspiration for this season’s latest lines; Deer, Badgers, Hares etc – are prolific – on all-sorts of merchandise.  For once my red room is in vogue and I’ve hardly spent a penny – my collection are all foundlings or magical gifts.

Having made this statement – I did succumb to a lovely folk art style ‘Hare’ cushion in elder son’s emporium – ‘NEXT’.  next-emporium-exeter-something-about-dartmoorWith Christmas on the horizon again – there were so many pretty things to buy – especially in the glittering home department – plus elder son has staff discount!  I couldn’t resist a leaping Hare cushion – even though my boys voiced their concern that my armchairs no longer function as armchairs because they are too full of cushions with no room left to sit!   This isn’t true of course – how they do love to exaggerate!  I took no notice of them and willfully made my purchase – enjoying elder son’s staff discount into the bargain.  I know when I like something – and I loved it!next-hare-cushion-something-about-dartmoorwitch-ball-exeter-highstreet-something-about-dartmoorpiddly-stairwell-shadow-john-lewis-carpark-exeter-something-about-dartmoor

We finished our Exeter leg with a walk up the piddly stairwell back to elder son’s car in the multistorey – where I have to say – I was pleased to get out of the city and back to wide-open space and fresh air again! 

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *


Our ETA – on elder son’s sat nav predicted that we would arrive at Torcross by about Sundown.   All I can say is that with the blinding Sun low in the western sky – the journey on the A38 went by in a blur especially when viewed through the back-seat side-window! There was a brief respite – when a fifty mile-per-hour speed restriction was enforced but alas it was only on a relatively short stretch. Needless to say – my pearls of backseat guidance were not appreciated – as we sped on regardless to Torcross and Slapton Ley.

Although elder son did mention en-route that he is looking forward to the day when younger son can drive and he’ll be able to join me in the ‘backseat’ where together we’ll be able to offer an even greater guidance service – even funnier – younger son thought we were kidding!

Thanks to elder son’s expert driving we predictably arrived before our ETA – and watched the sunset behind us – while we ate our M&S picnic on the seafront…



After our delicious takeaway – we stepped out of ‘our’ cosy cocoon into the fresh evening air for a walk along the shingle beach by moonlight – and the intermittent flashes of the lighthouse on the head. As fate would have it – our late start meant that we’d arrived at the best time of the day – it was serene.  torcross-beach-by-moonlight-something-about-dartmoorEveryone else had gone home or headed to the pub – all bar two patient fisherman and a couple of promenading crows.torcross-fisherman-and-crows-something-about-dartmoor

At this point – I left my sons to their own amusement which was mainly throwing pebbles into the sea including a heart-shaped one that I’d just found and given to elder son for keeps!  He explained that he’d kept it for a moment then tossed it into the sea because it belonged there – although he promised me he’d never forget where he’d put it!  I was just warming to his philosophy when he added the rider – that he doesn’t do symbolic or spiritual s**t anyway!  

I continued my journey walking along the tideline in search of magic – watching and listening to the water come-in – and pull-back-out again – hoping that something would show itself to me – a keepsake of a happy day spent with my sons.


I couldn’t believe my luck – or eyes – when literally washed-up at my feet upon the Seventh Wave – came this. lucky-number-seven-stone-something-about-dartmoorsharing-my-magic-torcross-beachA gift from all the Seven Seas together – a lucky Seven Stone washed up just for me; this gleeful picture says it all! lucky-find-at-torcross-something-about-dartmoor

With the excitement of someone whose lottery numbers had just come up – I called my boys over to witness this gift from the Cosmos. “Look what I’ve been given – a lucky seven stone!” I beamed.  

Elder son took one look at it and said with deadpan aplomb “Or a one!” – much to younger son’s amusement!   How they do love to rib their Mother!  It is definitely – infinitely a Seven.

And if  ‘Lucky Seven’ wasn’t lucky enough – I also brought home the ‘Torcross Moon’ in my pocket – or a “potato shaped stone” depending on what wavelength one’s on.  Elder son sees things differently to me at the moment – while younger son falls somewhere between.  torcross-moon-something-about-dartmoorBefore we left Torcross – I took this fuzzy picture of our location and all the lights in the darkness – it came through my elder son’s iPhone; kinda magical.  lights-in-the-darkness-a-fuzzy-satelite-image-of-torcross-by-night-on-my-elder-sons-iphone-6s-something-about-dartmoor

When finally we got home long after dark – we enjoyed a couple pizzas together and settled by the fireside.    I sat contented in my comfortable armchair supported by a multitude of cushions  – apparently doing ‘nothing’ whilst holding my magic tablet.magic-tablets-something-about-dartmoor

In the other fireside chair – with fewer cushions – I noticed elder son was engrossed again with the apple of his eye – his iPhone 6S.magic-tablets-something-about-dartmoorA magic tablet of a sort – but on a completely different frequency to my Infinite 7.  One day he’ll ‘upgrade’ – it’s just a matter of time and tide – and waiting for a Seventh Wave to break upon another level – of his own consciousness. That neither son has any interest in ‘gaming’ makes me a very happy Mother while I wait for them both to catch up!

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Every Seventh Wave.   My 'inseparable' sons born seven years apart - already on their way.

Every Seventh Wave.   My ‘inseparable’ sons born seven years apart – already on their way.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Just rollin’ – ‘my’ song for the day – as heard several times on Heart from the backseat…

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  1. I loved this entry so much ! A great day out full of simple pleasures with your special boys ,the photo of you says it all… Joy … written across your face. Xx?

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