Dark Rainbow.

Wow!  Earlier tonight – 17th. October 2016 – I saw a rainbow in the dark – a ghost of a rainbow – or Moonbow.  What a super, natural phenomenon! The Moon was just passed full and incredibly bright. Opposite on the western horizon – I could see a beautiful grey arc in the sky ending right where my Mother lives in Torrington – it must have been raining there.  I had planned to go out earlier while still half-light – but with one thing and another – I was late venturing out at about 9:30-ish. If I had gone out at my planned time I would have missed the Dark Rainbow – and would now probably have to wait another fifty odd years to see another one – my lifetime.  Somethings I guess are just written in the stars – they’re unavoidable.  While tinkering around late at night with this site – and suture detail from Tip’s brow –tips-skull-detail-something-about-dartmoor

no-coward-soul-is-mine-tips-skull-detail-something-about-dartmoorI was amazed how like the Milky Way it appeared when flipped its-all-written-in-the-stars-tips-brow-suture-something-about-dartmoorand simply solarized.  If you click on the dark image to enlarge it – the similarity is even more astounding. I wish I could decipher what it all means other than everything is connected and happens for a reason – I know that much.  Sorry no images of the Dark Rainbow – ‘just’ in my head. Wow!

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