Hart and Soul.

Friday – 21th. October 2016 – I took delivery of an expansive canvas print that I’d ordered of Tip’s skull suture.tips-cosmic-suture-something-about-dartmoor

The one that I’ve simply turned inside out as it were – so that it seems as a negative. It is fantastic – cosmic man – if I say it myself!

I have hung it over the portal to my Red Room – and it is absolutely brilliant – like the stars themselves.  It’s like having the Milky Way stretched out across my double doorway.  What do all those funny joined up characters mean? It’s a question that I find myself puzzling – as I gaze up in awe from my armchair – at the infinitesimal intricacy and connectivity of the pattern.  To me it looks like Tip’s personal code for his path through “Undying Life” – it’s his individual gateway where his soul leaves and re-enters each earthly existence. As he goes on and grows into his next physical form – so one more character will be fused into his ‘soul signature’ – and so life goes on…

My guess is - it spells INFINITY.

My guess is – it spells INFINITY.

The other striking thing about it is the way it doubles as a heart trace – or ‘Hart’ trace in Tip’s case. 

No one knows how long Tip had lain in that cold bog – but now that his earthly remains are here with me in the warm – he’s breathing inspiration and light through his very Being.  So much so that his trace has become the new background image for my website – Something about Dartmoor.  

Tip has filled what was once a big, empty – blank space with his ‘soul signature’ – so that from this day – 22st. October 2016 – he will literally run through all that I think and write here.

"Undying Life" - from 'No Coward Soul is Mine' by Emily Brontë - a daily inspiration.

Hart and Soul – and Inspiration.   My beautiful, ghostly Tip.

(“Undying Life” – borrowed from ‘No Coward Soul is Mine’ by Emily Bronte – another daily inspiration.)

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 ‘Strangely Beautiful’ by Amethystium 

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