A pocketful of Love.

Christmas Past - Christmas Present. The littlest gifts under the tree are often the biggest.

Christmas Past – Christmas Present.  The littlest gifts under the tree can be the biggest inside.

Christmas unwrapped.  Monday 26th December 2016. 

This Christmas – I have been blessed. I’m sitting here on Boxing Day surrounded by tokens of love from my family.  The room is cold as the woodburner is out now and hasn’t been laid – yet I’m feeling warm.  Around my shoulders – I’m wearing a silky-soft, forest-green velvet throw that my eldest son – Archie gave me from his emporium ‘Next’.   As I speak – he’s already manning the Boxing Day Sale back in Bath. Barely twenty-four hours have passed since he stopped – and arrived home after midnight on Christmas Eve – Christmas Day.  And now – time and work have whisked him away again – back onto the wheel that doesn’t stops turning…

Although he isn't here - he is. I just have to look at these cloche lights that he gave me as a pre-Christmas present - and each little light reminds me of all the hours of work that he has put in to

Although he isn’t here – he is.  I look at these ‘Next’ cloche lights – that he gave me as a pre-Christmas present.  Each little light reminds me of all the hours of work that he has put in through his life – at school, at university – and now – as a deputy manager at Next…

Now to my niece – Araminta – who has made me something that I want to share with the world; my world.  This way my youngest sister Rosie who lives in Vienna – can readily see what the clever daughter of our clever sister Caitlin – has created especially for me.  It’s our little club – and you are welcome here!

Her gift is nine inches square on the outside – but the inside is limitless; a metaphor in itself – for a miracle girl who at birth weighed about as much as a mushroom! She weighed merely a pound…

Complete with a little magic mushroom that she bought. I shall keep it in there always as a lucky charm.

Complete with a tiny magic mushroom that she bought.  Araminta – I shall keep it in here always as a lucky charm.

That little girl who so loved pinks and purples has grown-up – and twenty years on – has made a velvet bag just for me.  There are no sides – no bottom – ‘just’ a pocket within a pocket – that overflows with love…

Araminta is in her final year at Plymouth University and she has a huge workload to design and make – and complete – so to have squeezed this in too is ‘just’ Araminta in a nutshell – or a mushroom!  She’s earned a first with honours – from me.

Honoured. Something made for me only.

Honoured. Something made for me only.

My ‘pocketful of love’ has been designed for use. It isn’t a bag to be just stroked and admired – it is to be used in all weathers as a goodie bag – for Auntie ‘Melanie Magpie’ to take on her walks. For gathering leaves, stones and feathers – and any other shiny things I may pick up on the way!  I love how Araminta has chosen earthy-coloured fabrics – and embellished the flap with a beautiful felted stag. He has such a benevolent face – I feel certain he will attract all-sorts of finds into my magical, bespoke-made pouch.

Araminta – I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  Rather like your little green velvet bag – I can’t adequately express just how deep down your giftedness has gone – other than to simply say I love my bag – you. X

My eldest sister Caitlin – also ‘surpised’ me – rendering me speechless twice in one extra-special day!  Three exquisite hand-blocked – hand-dyed ‘snowflakes’ to melt my heart – Ivy, Mistletoe and Belladonna.  All my favourites wrapped up together in a gift that crossed time – let my camera say the rest… ivy-something-about-dartmoormistletoe-something-about-dartmooratropa-belladonna-deadly-nightshade-something-about-dartmoorI have been completely spoiled this Christmas by my ‘nearest’ and dearest…

A 'Red Cross' parcel from Vienna - from Rosie to make my heart sing. Full of L'Occitane poitions for my rough hands!

To make my heart sing.  A ‘Red Cross’ parcel from Vienna – from Rosie –  Full of L’Occitane potions for my rough – and ready hands!  Thank you Ro! X

One other gift that touched me – was something not for me but for Tom – my youngest grown-up boy… 

‘Granny’ – our Mum and matriarch of our little club – gave him – me – something that brought back time.  

A zooooomba-ing

Just zooooooooooooooom right back….

To memories of a golden-haired boy that used to zoom everywhere on a big bright yellow ‘Rabo’ Scooter…

A flash of yellow comedown the mists of time - something that Christmas 'just' does.

Flash of yellow and gold…

Whatever the weather! A boy after my own heart.

Tearaway!  A boy after my own heart – out in all weathers!  (In this photograph he’d actually put his coat on – it must have been tipping it down!)

No family is complete without a patriarch – and so I end this entry with a dusting of Winter Snow…

A kiss under the mistletoe with Old Father Time. X

With a wide awake late-night – early morning kiss under the mistletoe – with Old Father Time.  Our Michael – soon to be ninety-three in January.  X

A Happy Christmas.

I'm off out now - for a long walk...

I’m off out now – for a long walk…


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