Sheep’s Tor Light Walk.

Elephant Hawk Moth -17th June 2017

(‘Elsa’ – from previous post – ‘Flashes of Schiaparelli Pink.’)

Rather like ‘Elsa’ is to light – I’m drawn every year to an area of Dartmoor where I know I’ll see Lampyris noctiluca – or Glow-worms. Yesterday – 17th June 2017 Saturday into Sunday – I was lucky enough to witness this magical phenomenon once again. Tom - Sheepstor 17th June 2017Following an after-dark picnic with my son on top of Sheepstor – we followed a trail of bioluminescence – back to our car that was parked near the reservoir.  On the way up – we had passed a soft toy sitting at the gateway to the Tor; on the way back he was unsurprisingly still alone in the darkness…White Rabbit at Sheepstor gate 17th June 2017Lost - White Rabbit - Sheepstor 17th June 2017 The White Rabbit got me thinking that on such a balmy night – I quite envied his position – to be lost on Dartmoor.Night Sky (1) - Sheepstor - 17th June 2017Night Sky (3) - Sheepstor - 17th June 2017Here are some lights that guided us ‘home’ in the small hours…
Glowworm (5) - Sheepstor 17th June 2017Glowworm (2) - Sheepstor 17th June 2017Glowworm (4) - Sheepstor 17th June 2017Glowworm (3) - Sheepstor 17th June 2017

For me – ‘Enchantment’ by Amethystium – always conjours up thoughts of elemental Sheepstor – although I spell it ‘Sheep’s Tor’…Sheep (1) - Sheepstor 17th June 2017

In my ears, my eyes – my head – I’m that lone sheep…

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