“Top of the Morning!”

Colour of a new day - 13th August 2017. Something about DartmoorToday – Sunday 13th. August 2017 – started with an early morning rise.  Not out of my unslept-in-bed you understand – but to the top of Sharpitor (near Leather Tor) on Dartmoor – to see the Perseid Meteor Shower – followed by the biggest, most dazzling light show EVER – the dawn of a FRESH, new day.   With only my son’s mobile phone to hand – I wasn’t fast enough (or alert enough) to capture any falling stars on camera – or in my pocket – but I did manage to make a wish or two before their blazing tails fizzled out like spent fireworks. Aug 13 2017_1225

The grande finale was seeing Sunday rise – as a huge, orange Firebird in the East… 

Aug 13 2017_1255 Firebird.Another waking ‘dream’ – was hearing a hen laying an egg somewhere in the distance.  Her song rose with the morning mist from one of the ancient farmsteads dotted around.  A desire to eat a freshly laid, soft boiled egg – with hot, buttered toast for breakfast – will never be stronger than in that magical – golden moment on top of Sharpitor – or as impossible for that matter! 

These are some other images from this morning…
Aug 13 2017_1275

Aug 13 2017_1288

Aug 13 2017_1265

Aug 13 2017_1292

Aug 13 2017_1295

Aug 13 2017_1301

Aug 13 2017_1305

Aug 13 2017_1306

Aug 13 2017_1306 Dartmoor pony foal with very unusual black markings. Something about Dartmoor

Aug 13 2017_1299

Aug 13 2017_1313

Aug 13 2017_1316

Aug 13 2017_1320

“Top of the Morning to you Hawthorn!”   Cold, wet hands…

Aug 13 2017_1312

and dew sodden boots.  Time for a short, late afternoon snoozles – before I venture out for an evening walk around the block to see the same Sun set in the West…hope my boots have dried out a bit!

Theme for today – another favourite by Amethystium… 

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