Oyez, Oyez, Oyez for ‘The Feast of The Glastonbury Pie’!

Greenman. Dave Greenway - Glastonbury's Town Crier own

Glastonbury’s own jolly Greenman!  “Oyez, Oyez, Oyez – it’s Dave Greenway!”  Glastonbury’s Town Crier about to make a public announcement outside St. John’s Church – Saturday 9th December 2017.

Once upon a time, whilst sampling the delights and delicacies of Glastonbury – my sons noticed some rather special pasties in the baker’s shop window labelled as ‘Glastonbury Pasties’.  Curious—and hungry, my eldest son went inside and queried what it was that made the difference between the filling of a ‘Glastonbury Pasty’ and that of the traditional Cornish variety? The girl serving behind the counter, imparted in a rich Bristolian accent, that the filling of a ‘Glastonbury Pasty’ was “er…beef, er…onions, and potatoes.” and with no more er—ing – left it at that with a sweet smile! Rather nonplussed by the lack of any mention of any other ingredients – secret or otherwise – my son bought two yummy cakes instead – and rejoined myself and younger son who were waiting outside with bated breath for the great demystification of what makes a regular pasty a ‘Glastonbury Pasty’! Needless to say the incident of ‘The Glastonbury Pasty’ has become an amusing—and affectionately recounted anecdote – repeated by elder son in his best Brizzle accent every-time we pass the baker’s window – on our numerous trips to our favourite Zummerset town!  

The 'Glastonbury Pie' ready for serving on Sunday 10th December 2017.

The ‘Glastonbury Pie’ ready for serving on Sunday 10th December 2017 with a GERT LUSH dollop of Morrison’s Best Extra Thick Jersey Cream!

Inspired by ‘The Legend of The Glastonbury Pasty’ – I made my own vegetarian variation in the shape of a heart-shaped ‘Glastonbury Pie’. Made with some half-rotten windfalls I’d gathered from the Avalon Orchard – at the foot of Glastonbury Tor – on Saturday 9th December 2017…

Er magic apple...

Putting my finger – or fingers on Glastonbury’s secret ingredient.

‘The Glastonbury Pie’ is filled with one-hundred percent er…apples (Avalon Apples) plus a bit of er…sugar – plus an odd clove or two… 

'The Glastonbury Pie' ready for the oven.

Then sprinkled with fairy-dust (more sugar) and decorated with a sprig of festive Mistletoe – or Mizzletoe! ‘The Glastonbury Pie’ ready for the oven.

Of course it goes without saying that anything and everything ‘Glastonbury’ has one secret, indefinable ingredient – or essence – that it’s impossible to give an exact name to – so I simply call ‘it’ – ‘MAGIC’.

Glastonbury Tor.

Dreamy Glastonbury Tor aglow in Dusky Pink. Late-afternoon 9-12-2017.

Culinary perfection.

Culinary perfection…

Here are the other magic ingredients that went into the making of Sunday’s feast…

Witness the miracle of 'The Holy Thorn' blossoming on a grey, bitterly cold, winter's day - at St. John's Church, Glastonbury.

Witnessing the miracle of ‘The Holy Thorn’ blossoming on a grey, bitterly cold, winter’s day – at St. John’s Church, Glastonbury.

Poppy Appeal - Remembrance.

Stopping by the memorial of poppy wreaths for ‘The Fallen’ outside St. John’s Church. And lighting a candle inside the church in memory of my late father who bravely fought in the War – and against the illness that ended his life on the 6th January 2017.  The apples that I gathered (and stewed) from the Avalon Orchard at the same time last year – gave my Father strength in his last days. X

Absorb some Light and Colour through Olde Glass...

Absorbing some Light and Colour through Olde Glass…

'The Light.' Detail from the Sanctuary Window of St. John's Church

Detail from The South Sanctuary Window – ‘The Arms of Joseph of Arimathea’  inside The Church of St John the Baptist, Glastonbury.

Behold the 'Holy Grail'. Ewer. Legends of King Arthur. Glastonbury

Adding a dash of Arthurian Legend.  Is this ewer or vessel – a depiction of the actual ‘Holy Grail’?

And a flurry of snow! A handmade tree decoration inside St. John's.

And a little flurry of snow! A sparkling, handmade tree decoration inside St. John’s that caught my eye…


….reminiscent of Dartmoor’s snow-topped tors on the way up.

 'Star Child' Glastonbury

Adding a touch of sensory spice.  A visit to my favourite Glastonbury Emporium-Mmmmmmm, ‘Star Child’ for some delicious incense to smoke us – not ‘The Pie’!

Marveling at the Wonders of Mother Nature...

Outside and In.  Marveling at Mother Nature’s Wonders…my most heaven-sent hour of the trip.


This ‘shell of an apple’ looked for all the World like a Pomegranate.  It was a beautiful sculpture to hold – and to behold.

And gathering...

Gathering and Carrying…

Washing and Wishing...if only Jessie (my horse) was still here - she'd have eaten all the peelings - rotten bits and all!

Washing and Wishing…if only Jessie (my horse) was still here – she’d have eaten all the peelings – rotten bits and all!

And enough for seconds!

‘December’s Harvest’.  Enough for seconds over the festive period!

Bath Christmas Market - Glastonbury Tor

And blowing a kiss over a Winter’s hedge…

Above – “Good-bye until next time…” Glastonbury’s own magnetic Tor snapped through the car window as we set-off on our merry way to the ‘Bath Christmas Market’ – arriving at nightfall. To be continued…
Archie at the wheel through the snow. Saturday 9th December 2017

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  1. Wow 😮 another wonderful read ! A day of fun memories and magical moments and a very delicious 😋 looking pie of love 💖 xxx

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