Bah Humbug! A Festive Immersion in Bath.

Bath Christmas Market Saturday 9th December 2017 (6)

Globe light all a-whizz at The Bath Christmas Market – or a symbol of a bubble about to burst?

Within its safety ring of steel and concrete blockades – Bath’s Christmas Market on Saturday 9th December 2017 – was a-fizz with festive fare and fun – but not for all…

Bath Christmas Market

Bath’s street angels in yellow jackets.

I couldn’t help thinking to myself, whilst I shuffled and dodged in-between the merry masses – how on earth can our planet go on sustaining so many people, including lil ole me and my two? As a microcosm – Bath seemed to me to be near bursting point – a victim of its own success perhaps? My Christmas-loving eldest son who lives in Bath and commutes to Bristol daily – EVEN commented how he was looking forward to the roads getting back to relative normality once all the little wooden chalets were packed away ‘under the Abbey stairs’ for another year.  

Bath Christmas Market

The direct look on the ashen face of this ten foot tall, wraith-like angel outside the Abbey’s main door seemed to bore into my mind…

Bath Christmas Market

“You are all doomed!” I heard her say.  She was actually a brilliant actress from a theatre company (Unfortunately I don’t know which theatre company?)  she was very obliging, and friendly – and posed beautifully for the shot.

On a brighter, sparklier note – the Christmas lights of Bath lifted my spirits no end – and none shone more brightly than my son’s own beautiful tree…

Bath Christmas Market

A heartwarming sight.  My son’s ten-footer all beautifully decorated by himself and his two flat-mates, whilst in the foreground his laundered school shirts neatly hung out to dry – in preparation for Monday’s start again…

Bath Christmas Market

‘The Heart of Bath’ at the end of the penultimate day for this years Christmas Market for 2017.

I didn’t really buy anything at the Christmas Market – although I still managed to spend too much – on various causes and things to eat – and a sprig of Bath home-grown Mistletoe!  One keepsake that I did buy was a cd from a busker – his voice rose above the madding crowd. It happens when I go to Bath – that there always seems to be a sound rather than a thing that I take home as a soundtrack of the ‘day’ – and this night it was the voice of brilliant blues musician – ‘The Journey-Man’.

Dan the Man - The Voice. Bath Christmas Market

Dan the Man – The Voice.

An essential purchase; two metres of finest velvet purple ribbon from a shop that’s a feast for the eyes at any time of year…

V V Rouleaux -The 'Ribbon Shop' Bath Christmas Market

Highly recommended – V V Rouleaux – Bath’s beautiful ribbon emporium at the top of the hill.

My last stop was ‘The Circus’ to stand in the magic ring of five mature Plane Trees that reach as high – even higher – than the grand houses that encircle their breathing space.  It was the perfect place to wish upon a ‘star’…  

Bath Christmas Market

Star of Wonder.  The last living leaf resiliently hanging-on in the chillest of December winds.

Bath Christmas Market

Glow-in-the-dark Plane leaf. (No special settings or enhancements – just auto flash – and some olde Yuletide magic!)

The Mad Librarian Bath.

A Christmas wish come true! A much wanted scarce edition from ‘The Mad Librarian’ Bath. Not bought on the night – but on Tuesday 12th. December 2017 via the wonder of the Internet. I’d been wishing for a copy of this book all year – thank you Circus Trees!

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