Stepping over the Yule Log.

A Christmas Eve walk in ‘Shedland’ – 24th December 2017.

Shedland's Shaft of Green Light - Christmas Eve 2017 (1)

The above green ‘phenomenon’ is a photograph taken at a very special doorway. The ‘yule log’and the green shaft of LIGHT mark the threshold into ‘Shedland’ – ‘my’ magic wood where I found three cast Red Deer antlers – a ‘pair’ in 2016 and one earlier this year in mid-April. It is the first time I have ventured into the wood since the end of the shed-hunting season in late Spring. Today’s ramble was my Christmas Eve treat to gather a few sprigs of Holly and listen to the chorus of birdsong at dusk. I snapped two magnificent—beneficent stags through the trees, but in dimsy light my camera couldn’t hope to capture them – not even their beautiful white-tipped antlers which were huge! Can’t wait for Spring…

Just seeing the stags and being in their majestic presence was magic enough for me; they made my walk – my Christmas Eve.  When I came home – I uploaded my stag-less shots – and ‘something’ thrilled me!Shedland's Shaft of Green Light - Christmas Eve 2017I just love it when ‘I’ pick up something magical and inexplicable – it’s as thrilling as picking up a huge cast antler itself!

Shedland at home time…

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