A Rainy Boxing Day Safari! (Part One)

Longleat - Big Cat enclosure - Shortbread (1)Happiness is being stuck in my son’s luxury car in heavy traffic inside the ‘Big Cat’ enclosure at Longleat on Boxing Day – with an ‘unopened’ tin of M&S shortbread biscuits close at hand! The rain dribbling down my firmly shut side-window – obscured almost all hope of seeing anything furry moving through the trees – apart from a huge tiger – WOW! Longleat - Big Cat enclosure - Tiger (1)

Longleat - Big Cat enclosure (1)

Stuck at a box junction.

The only other furry thing in full view all the time – was my ‘lovey’ hot water bottle dumped on the dash!Longleat - Big Cat enclosure - Furry Hotwater Bottle (2)I didn’t need my cuddlesome comforter with the luxury of a heated, leather car seat! We were very content despite being stuck on the Longleat ‘dual-carriageway’ for an indeterminable length of time. Although, I think they are going to have to consider turning it into a three-lane carriageway eventually – then four and counting – until one day there’ll be no room left for the big puddicats to roam – sounds like the real World on the other side of the high fence! We were happily entertained in our cosy cocoon listening to ‘Heart’, munching a whole tinful of bickies between three – and ‘People Watching’! It was like feeding time at the zoo – only us humans were the captives. Longleat Festival Of Light. Wolf Wood.Entering ‘Wolf Wood’ we observed a whole tube of ‘Pringles’ being wolfed down not by a wolf – but by a trapped occupant in a ‘passing’ stationary car; we undertook them!  Thank god no one needed to use the ‘facilities’ – especially post-Christmas dinner!!!

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Moving swiftly on but in reverse…  

Longleat Festival Of Light. Monkey (5)

Warning: Low Flying Bananas…

We’d earlier enjoyed a couple laps around the Monkey circuit. The monkeys are the stars of Longleat – they are so endearing and so naturally funny – that seeing any other wildlife has to be a bonus…the ancient trees around the park are pretty awesome and spectacular too.Longleat Festival Of Light. Monkey (3)

Longleat Monkey

Ah so cute – and so wet! I wanted to open the window and let ‘Monkey-Paws’ in the warm – I didn’t though!!!!

After a thoroughly entertaining drive-thru safari – we got to see some amazing wildlife on foot – a whole host of animals that came out after dark. Bears, owls, deer, wolves – in fact a whole ark-full complete with flood water! Longleat Festival Of Light. Goldilocks - Mummy and Baby Bear (1)Longleat Festival Of Light. Polar Bear (1)Longleat Festival Of Light. Fallow Deer (1)

Longleat Festival Of Light. Deer park! (1)

Longleat Festival Of Light. Deer and Owl lanterns (1)

Longleat Festival Of Light. Wolf (1)

Oh yes - and we got to see some Zebras!

P.S.  Oh yes – and we got to see a herd of resting Zebra!

Continues in part two

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Some happy monkey vibes from Coldplay…

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