Champion Wild Campion.

Well, I’ve enjoyed my last walk of December, in fact the Old Year – and I’m delighted to report that my ‘secret’ Champion Wild Campion is still in the pink on New Year’s Eve 2017.

December's pink stars come out in the dark

December’s pink stars come out in the dark.

This seemingly fragile yet determined flower has continued to blossom through the foulest of Winter weather – gale-force winds, snow, frozen rain, heavy rain – even flashes of lightning earlier this evening! And though the days are short and chilly – it miraculously keeps on flowering… 

Windswept Wild Campion flowering in a secret location on New Year's Eve 2017.  

Windswept Wild Campions flowering in the dark in a secret location on New Year’s Eve 2017.


‘In the pink’ December’s bravest flower.

Wild Winter Campions

Happy New Year X

* * * * * * * *

Friday 5th December 2018.

Oxford frame.

“The Grass withereth, the Flower fadeth, but the Word of God shall stand for ever.”  My last Ebay acquisition of 2017 and first ‘through the door’ 2018.

Just as the beautiful hand-painted words concealed behind olde glass prophesieth – my miraculous Champion Wild Campion is withering and fading too.  

At 21:27 on the 4th of January 2018 – just one tattered flower remaineth… 

Touching magic.

Touching magic while it lasteth.

My Champion Campion - 4th January 2018 (time and secret location)

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