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6th. January 2018.
Okehampton Arcade 6th January 2018My dear old Dad passed away one year ago today – on the 6th January 2017 at precisely 10:50 am. Today I enjoyed a trip down memory lane with a visit to his favourite town – Okehampton, followed by a bracing walk around his favourite park, Simmons Park, with my son, Tom – his grandson. 

In memorium. A walk around Simmons Park, Okehampton in memory of my Dad

In memorium.  A walk around Simmons Park, Okehampton – to enjoy Winter’s flowers and the rush of the East Okement in full flow.

A visit to Okehampton is never complete without a rummage around my favourite charity shop – ‘The Fairplace Church’ in the Arcade. The Light of the World Fairplace Church charity shop £4 (3)It’s a charming, rather old-fashioned type of Charity Shop – quite unique. I’ve been going in there for years – on occasions with Dad. Or he’d wait patiently outside for me to appear with a lovely bargain – such as today’s timely find.

The original in Keble College Oxford - 20th June 2017.

The original in Keble College Oxford – 20th June 2017.

Imagine my delight today of all days – seeing my favourite painting hanging in the ‘Fairplace’ at the top of the stairs…The Light of the World Fairplace Church charity shop £4 (2)for sale for a very fair price indeed…

'The Light of the World' for just £4 - a bargain.

‘The Light of the World’ for £4 only – BARGAIN.

Of course the ‘Light’ came home with me even though I have numerous copies already around my house – I can never have enough ‘Light’ on my walls especially in light of something my father said—or rather didn’t say during his last night. It was his reaction when I asked him who it was that was standing in the corner of his low-lit room that will forever enlighten any sad thoughts I have of his passing from this world to the next.

I couldn’t see anyone there but there was such a strong presence in the room – I pressed my father for an answer. Names of family that had gone on met with little or no response – so I asked him whether it was ‘the man in the picture’. Suddenly – he opened his eyes wide and nodded his head firmly towards the invisible figure – but it was his tight lips that confirmed what I’d asked, especially as he could hardly speak come the end. Suddenly he’d recognised the stranger waiting in the wings to collect him come morning light. In that unforgettable moment of recognition my father looked like he was going to cry——with elation.

The Light of the World Fairplace Church charity shop £4 (4)


From what I could tell from the face reflected in the picture glass today – I reacted much the same.

The Time The Place The Light. Okehampton

The Time. The Place. The Light.   (Only image ‘Title’ can be edited – and image ‘location’ can be edited to ‘no location’ to keep location secret – but the Date and Time are set in stone!)

Dad I’ll never forget your face… Dad with my eight pointer.or ‘that face’ – in the quiet hours of the 6th. January 2017. X 

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Gone Home. 18th January 2018.

Come Home. X 18th January 2018.

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