Something about ravens – and me.


I am Melanie; a Dartmoor wayfarer.  The idea of creating a blog, is to connect with kindred spirits through the medium of my writing and my photography.

Occasionally, I walk with a group called, ‘The Beanies’ – wherein my prefix name is ‘Raven’ Bean, because I get excited whenever I see – or hear Corvus corax, the Common Raven; the Raven is my spiritual bird.  It is always such a thrill to encounter one of these elusive, intelligent birds – while I’m out walking on the Moor – or even to find without looking, a black feather.  After several years – walking in Dartmoor’s wilderness – I have gathered quite a collection of Corvus corax ‘calling cards’.   I keep them as mementos – in a pot beside my computer, like writing quills – where they quietly evoke thoughts and memories of my walks – and experiences out on the Moor.

(My photographs can be enlarged by just clicking on them.)

Raven on Bleak House chimney stack

Raven atop Oke Tor - Dartmoor

Huginn and Muninn fly over Great Staple Tor - Dartmoor

Raven Stone – Dartmoor

"Cronk Cronk" Raven in Burrator Wood

“Cronk Cronk” – Raven in Burrator Wood

Raven in Ravens' Haven - Dartmoor.

Raven in Ravens’ Haven – Dartmoor.  2nd. May 2017

The internet is infinitely more vast than Dartmoor – so by whatever miracle – or link you have stumbled upon, that has brought you here…I hope you enjoy what you find also.

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6 thoughts on “Something about ravens – and me.

  1. What a beautiful , unique blog~ am I able to receive your posts if I ticked the box which says notify me of new posts? Would love to subscribe to your blog. Thank you.

    • Hello and Thank you! Yes – just tick the boxes to subscribe. Your lovely comment had gone into spam – unfortunately others get lost in there but I’m very pleased that I recovered yours. Welcome to Something about Dartmoor!

  2. Hi there, I love the blog and will found the piece about Hawthorns very interesting. Me & Emma love to walk on the moor and come across those lone stragglers, clinging to the windswept hillsides like the last of the Sunday morning drunks staggering home! I always wondered why the odd tree defies the weather and soil when all others fail, and never realised there was a possible connection with ley lines and energy. So thanks and I will bookmark your blog to return again and again.

    • So pleased to know that you both enjoy my Dartmoor blog – we pass your place quite often on our way back home after our walks…we might just stop by and say hello and maybe order some chips etc!!!

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