Down Walkhampton way – Dartmoor.

A pair of Ravens etched in a glass screen in Walkhampton Church - Dartmoor.

A beautiful pair of Ravens etched in glass in Walkhampton Church – Dartmoor.

As the Raven flies – Walkhampton isn’t that far from my favourite Dartmoor wood – so a walk to both made a perfect April pairing.  First off – I enjoyed a quiet amble through Ravens’ Haven and almost immediately stumbled upon treasure – or leftovers! A second squirrel’s skull complete with two sharp yellow teeth…

Complete with two, rather yellow teeth.

Skull and crossbones.

Spring clean!

Spring clean!

I think the Ravens had been Spring-cleaning as the skull, plus bones and numerous pellets were scattered beneath their tree-top nest.

A Raven's left-overs.

A handful of Ravens’ leftovers.

A little further on through the wood – I picked-up another treasure – a Witch’s hat!

A dried, blackened Toadstool - or Witch's hat.

A dried, blackened Toadstool – or frilled Witch’s hat!

All the while I was searching the woodland floor – the pair of Ravens were searching me…


Raven watchtower.

Not wanting to crick my neck – their exact position high in the tree-tops was difficult to pinpoint at times – but by following their distinctive call I was able to track them around the wood.  My ‘Raven’ isn’t very good but they did allow me to join in their conversation – probably amused – or bemused – by the fool on the ground who tried to talk their talk!  



Eventually it was time to move on and leave the Ravens in peace – and wander over to Walkhampton Church with its fairy-tale tower…

St Mary's Church -Walkhampton.

Four over-sized pinnacles silhouetted against a darkening sky.   St Mary’s Church – Walkhampton.

 At around sunset – I would have expected the church to be locked – but as luck would have it – the door was left on the latch…

Inside Walkhampton Church.

Bringing the outside in.   Etched on glass – Ravens, Ponies and Granite Tors inside Walkhampton Church.

Stained glass window detail.  Beautiful ‘Sugared Almond’ coloured leaded lights.

As well as its impressive church – Walkhampton boasts another equally impressive shelter – its surprisingly comfortable bus stop!

If ever you are passing through Walkhampton - it's well worth a STOP!

If ever you are passing through Walkhampton – it’s well worth a STOP!

I finished this visit to Dartmoor – with an impromptu stop on B3357 betwixt Foggintor and the Staple Tors to meet up with my tousled haired friend again…

My luckiest find of the day.

Perfect end to a lovely day

Homeward bound.  A perfect end to a visit full of simple pleasures…

Early Hawthorn Blossom near Ravens' Haven.

Including a lungful of early ‘May’ near Ravens’ Haven – aah.

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